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Sweet Jesus – Perfectly Even Hybrid Strain $200/oz



Sweet Jesus Hybrid Strain

If you’re looking for a beautifully balanced hybrid then look no further than Sweet Jesus!

Sweet Jesus is a perfectly balanced hybrid at 50% indica to 50% sativa.  It was developed via the cross breeding of the super duper powerful Jack the Ripper X Hell’s OG strains.

The full body effects will have you floating in the clouds before you gently descend back to earth in a state of total calm. Next you will experience a very happy cerebral hit that is great for conversation and deep thinking.  You’ll feel the waves of euphoria gently wash over you as that full body calm cradles you into slumber.

This beautiful cannabis strain can attribute these effects due to its very high THC Levels of around 23%.  Users have found it to be fantastic for those suffering from eye pressure, headaches, depression, migraines and inflammation.

Sweet Jesus has a beautifully light herbal yet citrus flavor that you will notice with every toke.  Sweet Jesus buds have a packed grape-shaped bright green nugs with thin deep orange hairs and a sparkling coat of frosty yellow gold trichome crystals that have that sticky syrup residue on your fingers when you break it apart.

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