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SUNBURN – Sativa Dominant Strain $140/oz



SUNBURN – Sativa Dominant Strain

Check out Sunburn! This wonderful sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa to 20% indica) strain was developed by cross breeding the famous Island Sweet Skunk with Rug Burn OG and a healthy portion of Gupta Kush.   What a sweet mix!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the name because we guarantee that you definitely won’t get burned by these sweet nugs! The Sunburn taste will dance across your tongue with its sweet fruit accents complimented by subtle yet earthy undertones. Sunburn has a unique smell that is very earthy and sweet with slightly floral and tropical citrus accents.

Every beautiful nug is dotted with bright orange hairs and sticky crystal trichomes that stick to your fingers when you break them up.

This sativa dominant strain will have you almost immediately feeling its strong cerebral effects after your first exhale its tropical goodness.  You’ll feel its uplifting energy taking your soul to new heights. This uplifting feeling is so brilliant, that you’ll feel like you’re travelling just a little too close to the sun. so this may not be the the best choice for you if you suffer from anxiety.

Because of its inherently high THC levels of about 16-17%, Sunburn is known to be just the thing for treating depression, hypertension, fatigue and mood swings as well as many other conditions.

We suggest giving Sunburn a try when you order your next weed delivery with Alpha Canna Weed Delivery.

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