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PURPLE DRANK BREATH- Indica Dominant Strain $200/oz



PURPLE DRANK BREATH- Indica Dominant Strain – $200/oz

Give this perfectly balanced hybrid train (50% Indica to 50% Sativa) a try

It was developed through the careful crossbreeding of delicious Purple Punch and Mendo Breath F2 strains.

Purple Drank Breath is known for its sweet and fruity berry flavor with accents of sour citrus and tropical fruits. The aroma is a match for beautiful taste with a yummy fruitiness and sour grapefruit leave on the tongue.

Its very high THC levels of up to 26% will deliver a sneaky high that creeps from behind the eyes before it gives you that full body buzz.

The sedating effects of Purple Drank Breath is great for those that suffer from insomnia, anxiety and chronic aches and pains.

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