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1 Gram Pre-Roll in Doob Tube-Miracle Alien Cookies Strain



1 Gram Pre-Roll in Doob Tube (Miracle Alien Cookies Strain)

New exclusive offer from Alpha Canna Weed Delivery.  Not only do you get a gram of our premium pre-roll of the famous MAC aka Miracle Alien Cookies weed strain, you also get a really sweet looking Doob Tube to put it in.

MAC is a sativa/indica hybrid with a beautiful resin covered bud with a musky, citrus highlight.

Be sure to add it to your next weed delivery

Get 1 for $10 or 7 for $60


Included in this package:

1 Gram of Pre-rolled weed (Miracle Alien Cookies Strain)


All pre-rolls are machine rolled to perfection.


All pre-rolls come in a odor continuing reusable Doob Tube

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