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PEYOTE COOKIES – Indica Dominant Strain $180/oz


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Peyote Cookies is a hybrid weed that heavily leans on the indica side (95% indica to 5% sativa).  The strain was  created by combining the classic Peyote Purple with the super famous Cookies Kush. It’s well known for its addictively wonderful flavor and super high 25% THC Levels.   Peyote Cookies is no joke!


This beautiful bud has a sweet tropical guava taste to it that is complimented by fresh accents of vanilla and coffee. The aroma itself, just like the flavor, is also very sweet with tropical overtones that are  accented by vanilla and coffee leaves on the tongue.


Now, lets talk about the high.  You’ll experience the Peyote Cookies high almost as soon as you first exhale.  Happiness will almost immediately wash over you after your first toke and the relaxing yet inspirational effects will last for hours.


Because of the astoundingly high THC levels it maintains, Peyote Cookies is often chosen by many to treat many debilitating conditions.  Depression, nausea, cramps, chronic pains and even muscle spasms are known to be no match for this strain.


Recognizable by the spade shaped  light green and purple nugs, this bud has purple and bright red hairs that have a heavy coating trichome crystals.  We highly suggest giving this outstanding weed a try so consider it when you make your next weed delivery order with Alpha Canna Weed Delivery

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