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JUNGLE DIAMOND – Indica Dominant Strain $140/oz


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JUNGLE DIAMOND – Indica Dominant Strain

Jungle Diamond is a 60% indica to 40% sativa strain which makes it a slightly indica dominant hybrid. Developed through cross breeding the ever famous Slurricane with the Gorilla Glue #4 strain. Named after its beautiful appearance and well known breeder, Jungle Diamonds, it has become a favorite of indica and hybrid lovers alike known for its delicious taste and tingly and energetic high.

Jungle Diamond buds are characterized by their shiny oversized, spade-shaped, light green nugs with vivid orange hairs with a thick blanket of chilly  sparkling blue-tinted white trichome crystals. You’ll notice right away, as you begin to pull apart the sticky little nuggets, the heavenly mocha coffee aromas with a hint of citrus and herbs.

The Jungle Diamond flavor as nice as its smell with sweet chocolate and fresh berry overtones.  Believe it or not, the Jungle Diamonds high is just as wonderful, with its instant happy-happy, joy-joy effects that will boost your spirits and dispel any negative thoughts out of your mind.  You’ll also feel that wonderous tingly full body effect from start to finish that tends to instantly numb your aches and pains while leaving you pretty energized. You’ll get to relax and enjoy a blissfully unfocused lift that will leave your head drifting in the clouds.

This fantastic high brought to you by the generous 17-24% THC levels, Jungle Diamond is ideal for those that suffer from chronic pain,  muscle spasms, cramps, appetite loss or nausea.

Consider giving it a try for your next weed delivery with Alpha Canna Weed Delivery.



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