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ALIEN SOUR APPLE – Hybrid Strain – $180/oz



ALIEN SOUR APPLE – Hybrid strain – $180/oz

Alien Sour Apple is a uniquely flavourful  sativa dominant hybrid strain.  It was developed via the cross breeding of the massively popular Alien Dawg and Sour Apple strains. Nobody really knows what the exact indica to sativa ratio of this bud is , but it has become legendary among cannabis fans for its Granny Smith apple-like flavor and aroma. The gorgeous and familiar scent of the Alien Sour Apple is a sweet yet sour fruity apple with light, earthy, berry accents  as you break the nugs apart.

The taste is thankfully exactly what you would expect from a strain called Alien Sour Apple.  The tart taste of sour apple combined with an earthy sweetness when you exhale.  This spade shaped bud possesses long, tight and ultra dense bright green nugs with a cover of bright orange hairs.  It also has a thick and frosty coat of chunky oversized white trichome crystals.

The high of Alien Sour Apple will hit you quickly with both barrels of the effects of indica and sativa strains. You will almost immediately feel the uplifting and euphoric head high that delivers an energy boost and sense of motivation.  As your high continues to build, you will experience waves of calm  as it leaves you completely sedated and relaxed with bursts of creativity.

These effects are due to this strain’s high THC levels of up to 28%.  This high level makes it a great choice for those that suffer from anxiety, depression, migraines, headaches and stress.

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